This is my main shop, everything is handmade/printed and packaged by me. I have items like prints, art books, enamel pins, buttons, stickers, clothing, original paintings and a lot more.  I release products frequently and have many limited releases and preorders, this is the place to watch if you are looking to treat yourself!


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This is where I only sell products that are high in demand, and are available on a wide variety of products that I could not produce myself. Society6 offers items like mugs, blankets, wall banners, clocks, and shirts.  Orders from Society6 do not go through me, however, so I am not able to sign or package it with love and freebies. If you just really need a giant Sailor Moon wall banner, this is the shop for you!

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Patreon is a different way of supporting your favorite creators. By joining Patreon and pledging a certain amount per month to an artist, you are donating money in order to help me create more content for everyone. You are essentially investing in someone with some fun perks/rewards! My Patreon is geared towards helping me run my youtube channel, thanks to my patrons I am able to post videos every week. They also help me come up with ideas, see  behind the scenes, and even get letters from me in the mail!